Iafisco Pipes came into being in 2010 sprouting from the classical tradition of English pipes.
Besides revisiting the original and timeless English shapes, in the last few years production leaned toward experimentation and new perspectives.
The sturdiness and solidity of the Italian school, the lively organicity of the great Danish masters, the industrial American design in its more harmonious hues — these are the elements forming the backdrop and inspiration that have helped develop the identity of Iafisco Pipes.
Great care has been taken from the outset to obtain the most complete result possible, and guarantee for the smoker not only an excellent sensory experience but also access to a celebrated legacy. 

The distinctive elements of something so prestigious are held and guarded by the great master craftsmen — masters such as Teddy Knudsen, Tom Eltang, Claudio Cavicchi, and the Radice family, and most recently Iafisco's collaborations with Jeff Gracik, Chris Asteriou, and many more.

All these experiences have influenced the craftsmanship, pushing it toward a wider horizon.

They are no longer objects designed for the sheer enjoyment of tobacco: they are now tributes to a tradition and a shared collective imagination that joins those who, throughout the ages, have seen beyond the crude functionality of things and are willing to be moved, to appreciate their ability to interpret and return the marks of time.