Briar is carefully selected block by block, beginning with the first screening at the sawmill: the selection is made exclusively from blocks that present an extremely solid and uniform grain.

The next stage is a curing process that ensures that humidity and impurities are expelled to an optimum level.

This is why many weighings are performed, from acquisition to the beginning of manufacturing, so as to make sure that humidity is kept to a minimum.

All the ebonite used is acquired from SEM and New York Hamburg, currently recognized as the best ebonite producers in the world. This careful choice of supplies stems from the higher durability of the ebonite. The impressive quality of the product ensures a much higher resilience to oxidation.

The internal engineering (alignment between draft hole and tobacco chamber) is planned, designed, and crafted with maximum precision so as to guarantee excellent usability. 

Each mouthpiece is made entirely by hand, with two key elements in mind: the slot and the bottom. The indent of the slot presents a conic shape that offers more room for the incoming smoke, affording more smoothness and aromatic complexity. The bottom is carved in a size that is never beyond 4 millimeters, in order to be extremely comfortable without compromising durability and resilience.

During execution great care goes into gauging the thickness of the briar, especially when it comes to the most critical points, such as the bottom of the tobacco chamber and the transition point between it and the shank. 

The finish for smooth pipes is made with a mixture of completely natural oils that is dosed entirely by hand.